Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Golden Winged Warbler

I'm afraid the quality of this photo is poor, but I'll likely never have an opportunity to take a picture of this bird species again. This is a male Golden Winged Warbler, apparently a species at risk not only in Ontario, but the world. I sent a couple of photos to our local bird expert in this region, Mr. Parker, who confirmed the identification. As he noted, it is one of the most spectacular warblers in our area. This little fellow hit our window tonight and I was sure it would be dead or seriously injured. Luckily, it was not. I brought it in to put in our "rescue bird box" to recover, and when I later peeked in, it flew out. It flew directly onto a screen window and I quickly got a picture while it just peered about. I was able to catch it quickly and we went outside and released it, happily flying off into the trees. He was only about 4" and the songs from the warblers in the forest are magnificent.