Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th - Tracking with Blast

We're in a hot spell this week, way hotter than Southern Ontario, and we have black flies mixed in. Nice combination....not. However, early morning had damp grass so it was a good time to get out. This track is beyond a TD type track, has some TDX work mixed in. As well, I wanted to work on better focus on the track from Blast, as well as not racing off the start, so I did a few serpentines with turkey on them. Serpentines are great to throw in for a dog lifting its head or moving too fast....sure gets the nose down and working.
In this photo, he is in his last serpentine on the first leg, had shot past a food drop, and turned back to get it. Ideally, don't want this either, but a couple were buried in high or thick clumps of grass. Not a problem.
He's now moving at a nice pace on the straight track, with a deep nose, towards a cover change.
There was no hesitation or searching at the edge and he went right through on the track. Most dogs find these areas fun, but some find the transition difficult until they learn to work them out.
He has just come out of the bushy area, and is into shorter grass here. Shortly ahead, there's a lot of 'mossy' area which has a different scent. And then his first corner.
He has just reached his first article, a sock, and is investigating.
He sat on his own, I went up and put some turkey on top and he immediately lay down with the sock between his legs.
Normally, he just stands at his article, or picks it up. Either is fine for CKC, but I'd like a down, if it doesn't cause a problem. He easily starts again, with me just saying "Find" after being told what a good dog he is!
We've made three more corners, worked through an area of beaver grass in mushy ground, and crossed a 4-wheeler track. He's just turned his last corner and is picking up speed towards his final article, an old work glove. You can barely see a blue arrow pointing to his tongue here - not a panting tongue, but "tasting" the scent.
And here he is 'down' on his article. Again, I went up and fed him some turkey, dropped a little on the glove and praised him.

We spent some time playing with the glove and also a double ball rope toy I had hidden in my pants - this time the tongue was panting! I achieved my goals for this track, and we both had a good time!