Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tanks' Discovery This Morning!

Early mornings are so interesting at this time of year; the birds begin to sing before 5 a.m.
We were out early to lay a Blast track and surprised two does just around the bend in the driveway while on the way to lay the track. Had camera in pocket, by the time I got it out, they ran. We were sooooo close...
Later on, taking Trust, Tank, and Jess down to head out into the fields, at the same place, Tank veered off the driveway, and startled at "something" in the grass. We looked and saw, not one, but two, very large/long garter snakes sunning themselves. One was very fat, we wondered if they were "a pair" and maybe babies were in order!!! Tank and Trust came to inspect, they just stand politely about 3' back and watch. We didn't want to scare the snakes off, so I just snapped a couple of quick pictures and we left them alone.
I don't understand why so many people cannot rationalize how harmless snakes are. The only poisonous snake in Ontario is the rattler, and normally only found in one area. Even they just want to be left alone. Snakes catch rodents. I understand the "surprise factor" as it often happens to me. Snakes are deaf, which is why this often happens. They want nothing more than to be left alone. I hate hearing people talk about killing them, or letting their dogs get them. It's just ignorance, as they do a lot of good. We are quickly losing much of our reptilian wildlife and should be protecting it, not destroying it.
For the 'brave souls' that want to see more detail, double click on the pictures. The head of the top one is at the very edge on the left; the bottom near the top left. Part of his? body is curled under the piece of log.