Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love these snowshoes!

For years we used to struggle with the old style snowshoes, actually the worst part was the bindings...they just never stayed on, and it was frustrating. Two years ago, I got a "newer" style, and last year, David got the same type. You can actually RUN in these! They are so secure and being a narrower shape, are really easy to walk in. Love them.
Today, we've begun to open up some of the trails so we can continue to walk all winter. It's been SOOOOO frustrating having only the driveway to walk the dogs in the last two weeks. In most places the snow is over my knees. So off we went today. David actually went out earlier on one trail to see how it went, and going over it a second time today was a breeze.
What's really nice is to have the snow pack down and when it goes through a couple of freezes, it will become hard enough (to walk on) for the dogs. The forest is just covered with deer tracks right now, and they go down well over a foot - very hard for them to get around. Oh...that's me above.
David thinks he will wait for me to knock snow down on my head using his pole..ha.ha.ha. As if I don't know that trick!
A little clear spot back in the woods where we often see signs of deer bedding down in the winter. It's a good place to pause and watch and listen. Moose are often out behind this spot.
We're headed back towards the house now, and this was such an enjoyable walk....out of the wind, (windchill ws -20) and it didn't even feel cold. We are hoping to get out every day at least once while David has some time off, and keep stomping down this trail and we will work on a couple of others. I'd like the front field to have a couple of trails also, but being open, usually they get drifted in pretty quickly.
It just couldn't have been more beautiful out here today.