Friday, December 31, 2010

One year ends...another begins...

From snow deep enough this past week that we couldn't get into the fields without snowshoes, we've gone to above freeing temperatures and rain! Our trails are lost once again, and who knows, by tomorrow, we may have bare areas.
A number of deer were at the back of the house this morning; wolves were heard in the early hours, so perhaps they were seeking refuge. Getting through the heavy deep snow that remains is difficult.
This picture of Blast in the snow was from yesterday, before the change in weather. So pretty.
So, we say goodbye to 2010 with mixed feelings, some joys, some sorrows, and look forward to a new year and some hopeful expectations.
Best Wishes to everyone for the New Year. I never make any resolutions, but hope for health, happiness, and inner peace and contentment for everyone, however many legs they have!
If we all could enjoy life as Blast does, wouldn't the world be a better place....