Monday, December 27, 2010

There's something about Trust...

Trust has always been the dog everyone gravitates towards. The cat that hated us and everyone and everything else....loved Trust. She would sit beside her and rub against her. The foster puppy that we worried about "protecting" her from Trust....immediately went to her, and sat beside her. Trust just leaned over and licked her. When Tank arrived as an 8 wk. old puppy, it was love at first sight...for both of them. We have so many wonderful pictures, they hugged, they licked, they rolled together, slept side by side. She's always been so "motherly" and tolerant. She's even had a baby mouse between her front legs, carefully watching it.
Then along came Blast! Now, there's only sooo much one can put up with. He tries, and tries and tries, as he just loves her. He's just too rambunctious and pushy. She tolerates him up to a point and then just 'puts him down', albeit 'gently' with (what we call) her UGLY face. So funny.
He immediately respects her, but he just doesn't give up. This afternoon, I let them have some time together, just them. She just wanted to lie where she was, and he kept at her. What she hates is how he pushes at her with his feet and legs.
So, it was going pretty good if he kept a little more calm than normal, and let her lick him instead of him constantly trying to lick and roll around for her.
Body language says it all. He's trying soooo hard to win her over, giving her a short reprieve, turns to me and yawns. She looks comfortable right now.
But, he can't contain himself, springs up and starts licking furiously at her face and here's the result. The UGLY face!!! And what an ugly face it is. She snarled and he ran off to find poor Tank to bug.