Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Water-Wubba!

Today we met some old friends for lunch and Auntie Barb brought a Green Water Wubba for the "kids". Barb had Tank in mind as it was meant for "water", but I knew it would be a great toy for Blast and Tank to play with together....and it is!
We went for a walk down the driveway and I tossed this and WOW what a response...they were both after it in a flash. Tank pretends not to be interested in he can't get it from Blast, and starts to dig in the snow...then Blast thinks he missing something and comes to investigate...if Tank is lucky, Blast drops the toy on his way, and Tank rushes in.
Foiled this time, Blast rushed back and grabbed it while Tank ended up head first in the snow having missed his rush. Comical characters, they are.
They had a great time, very worn out by the time we got back, which of course, was the plan!