Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catching Snowballs on Sunday

These are actually "ice balls" that I kick off the sides of the path and toss. Conditions are not right for snowballs now. And this is not Blast, this is Kira! She looks like a big dog in these pictures, not a 4 month old puppy.
And a powerful little jumping puppy at that. I think they have "jump straight up" bred into them!!
I don't like a puppy jumping too high or too often, so 3x times is it. Although she seems extremely co-ordinated, I don't think jumping is good for a young dog.
Heading down the driveway and carrying an ice ball is fun enough for her right now.
Blast is carefully cruising across the snow crust which just barely supports him as long as he's not running and pouncing after something. Very wolf-like, except he has a ball in his mouth...