Friday, March 18, 2011

Very Short, Funny Story...

Yesterday, at the post office, Kira was sniffing boxes, garbage pail, other things in there. When everyone left, the postmistress and assistant came around the desk to see her. We were just talking, and both had bent over to pat her. She sniffed the first ladys' hand, she briefly touched her, and then Kira went to the other lady. Well, she was 'all over' her fingers, then quickly backed up 3 paces, looked at her and barked twice! It took us, including me, by surprise, she had never done this.
I said, "you must be the one with the drugs" and we laughed. Kira went up to sniff her again, showing interest still, and not in the other one. So we were wondering where she had them stashed!! Just kind of funny.
Really no idea what it was all about, but certainly was curious.