Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday - Track 1/7, Emmas'

Nice place with green grass for Emmas' first track. They have a sprinkler system as we've been 'surprised' and wet in the past! Emma has just pulled Tascha around the first turn, heading onto the cement walkway to cross paved driveway.Heading along walkway in front of building and just reaching first article. They will shortly leave walkway and turn onto paved parking area.Sure seems to be an advantage to having your nose sit 2" off the ground! Off they go, full of confidence having made a perfect left turn.Emma made a large circle in this area but was clearly working the scent. She picked it up, crossing the track on her circle back and straight over to the curb.Now, if you really look at this, or double click and enlarge the photo....the curb is taller than Emma! She either has to climb, or jump up. No problem for Emma.They have crossed the small island, a driveway, turned out onto paved drive again, before making another turn on that and up over another curb onto this last island and just about to reach the glove. Nice work for Emma. Tascha laid the track, aged about 30 mins., 3 articles. Idea was short/fun/motivational, which it was.Kill that glove!!!