Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunday - Track 6/7 Tanks'

This is Tanks' second track from last weekend, a shortish one, aged only 20 mins. Hard surface mainly in one section on this track, mainly dry old grass. A lot of what we did last Sunday had veg. surfaces that I consider darn near as tough for the dogs as the hard surfaces. Plus we find most dogs in trials are failing on veg. even before they get to hard surfaces.
Put his start under trees in a bit of green on purpose. I had seen the dead grass further on when we drove by. This was done before the big storms on Monday, with all the tornado warnings. Grass should have greened up this week.Moving along a good pace, he's very focused on the track. This is his longest leg.We've crossed a walkway and into the dead stuff now; after passing the tree on the left, there is a left turn taking us across the road. Something got his attention momentarily above.Tank looks like he's right on the track crossing the road. He's tracking...but he's moving across the road about 15 to 20 feet "right" of the track.The red line shows the actual track across the road, and red arrow points out an article on the other side. As soon as he reached the "veg" he scooted back down along the edge, through and up the ditch to his article.This was a wood article.Again, after starting and into the pavement, Tank was really determined to head to the right of the track. He lunged twice in that direction, I let him go a ways the second time, until he realized he had lost the scent, and I encouraged him back to the left. Once he began to move in the correct direction, although not 'on' the track, I praised him and he continued on, picking it up. (Training - I knew where it was!) Moving through the parking area toward more dead grass on this leg.Nearing the end of this leg with a corner coming up. He worked well along here, with another article found.Once again, Tank tried three times to lunge to the right. Curious, though, as we had changed our direction, but perhaps the breeze was coming across a large open field and around the hedge in front. Bad me, did not have this written down in my notes. We had seen a fellow biking with his dog loose running along with him and perhaps he had run up just don't know.Tank crossed the driveway and scooted around the edge of the bush to find his leather article. It was folded to make it smaller; that's what he has in his mouth. I'm changing the clip from the harness to collar before we play and then will remove the harness and play again!Yay, Tank! What a good boy.