Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday - Track 2/7 Blasts' first

Taking Blast to scent pad from an angle. This area had very dry brown grass, patches of green, and hard surfaces were paved parking areas. Aged 50 mins., three articles, cloth, plastic, leather.Working on first leg, headed toward parking area, we are crossing a newly filled in construction area here.We completed the first leg on pavement, and just made a left turn. Working nice!This was Blasts' longest leg on the pavement, he veered off here well ahead of the corner. This was one of those "what the heck is he doing times" (I laid the track so knew he was off) and with continued pressure, and not following, he turned back onto the track and along to make the corner.The third leg took us behind the building and onto grass where he shortly found a cloth article, between his legs. He nosed it, I said down and he did right away...making progress on this. There will be a right turn before the building and along to another article on grass. I have been making a point of leaving articles either close together or long stretches without one. I don't want the dogs to have any idea where they may be...just in case.Perspective is often so off in these pictures, I couldn't figure out where this was for a minute. There is actually a driveway just ahead, the building is way further back. This is Blasts' second article, plastic, which he stopped at, and pushed a bit...good enough.Last leg over brown grass again, heading to a wide paved driveway and last article.
He found it, used a grey glove to try and make it hard to "see" and he indicated clearly enough, just by rushing and grabbing it. I ran up, tugged and we played for a while. Was a very decent track.