Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blast on a Mission!

Nice spot for a track for Blast today...a week ago there was still way too much snow to use this place. His track was a bit over an hour aged, we had plastic, cloth, leather articles.
I've just led him up to the scent pad, from an angle, for him to find the direction. (We did the same with Emma, forgot to mention that!) He headed out nicely, good speed.He made a circle before we reached this area, and then took off like a shot. The track goes to the far side, before the bushes, making a left turn.Just after the turn, he is totally concentrated on the track. Tascha got a nice profile shot here.We move on, there were a few pilons and markers out here, not sure what the purpose was, but he ignored them. We move into a narrow stretch between the back of the building and bushes and then come out towards the front area.His corner was exactly on the left of the yellow marker, he first checked near the corner of the building and back to the new leg heading left of me.We moved off the grass, over a narrow parking area, up over a grass hill and into this parking area. The red line shows the corner and turn the right. He was determined to pull across to the grass, so I let him go, he soon indicated loss of track scent and came back to the asphalt.I'm letting him work it out, he is turning in the right direction and will move out towards the centre shortly where the track was laid.We head down the centre and will make a left turn shortly after passing the white truck.This is an open left turn over to grass. I'm about to turn and follow him as he commits.This is the cloth article after moving onto the grass. (Plastic was back before the little building, also on grass.)And here the fun began. He is just dropping down into a ditch, about 2' deep. At the same time, he has picked up the scent of his final article, quite a ways out on the hard surface. He suddenly charged up and out of the ditch, while I hadn't even reached it yet. I leaned back with as much weight as I could to slow him down, but he was on a tear....I thought I was a goner for sure. Trying to stay on my feet, I am running behind him, across another stretch of grass. He's full out heading toward the asphalt, and I thought I'd be going head first....Somehow I managed to keep upright and not tripping and we reached his glove. This was not a fun experience. I couldn't believe he had scented the glove from the distance we were from it, and never saw him so eager to reach an article!By the time I got there, he was showing me, and hopping around, and I couldn't help but laugh at that point. However, I also felt lucky I did not end up mushed on the ground with a broken ankle or worse. Rotten dog, he was so pleased with himself!