Saturday, March 31, 2012


We decided to go out today, as snow is being called for once again, and colder temps. tomorrow. Today was sunny, cold enough, and quite windy. I laid the track for Emma and we aged it one hour. It was pretty tough with the wind and gusts around the building. Asphalt was a bit of a problem for her today after an hour of wind, sun and dry. Overall, she did quite well, though.
Above, Emma has made her first corner and Tascha is making sure Emma commits before following along.Second corner, she took off like a shot, but close to the corner of the building, and now in shade, she took some time making sure she was on the track.A left turn took us into the parking area, and the wind was more gusty out here. This area took Emma some time to work through, but she never really got very far off the track on either side. When she reached the corner, she scratched at it...interesting. She finally began to head down the correct way, paralleling the track, as the wind was coming from the right. "X" marks her second article, wood, which also helped draw her to it. (First article on grass, plastic,3rd leg.)She will continue past the article and back onto the grass again, make an open left turn under the tree branches.The broken yellow line shows where Emma went, probably the gusty winds coming alongside the building, carrying the scent past the next corner. Once she came back, she did great.This last distance took her running to the leather article. A bit of a difficult track today, and Tascha had to keep remembering to 'back up' when necessary.