Sunday, March 25, 2012

Better Conditions, Emmas' track

Out today, with just Emma and Blast, the day was damp, cool, slight winds. I decided to "paint" on our tracks in these pictures, to help show our route and obstacles. Tascha laid my track, and I laid hers. When I laid the track for Tascha and Emma, there seemed to be no-one around...a nice clean track. It was aged for one hour. When we returned, there were people walking across it near the start. We don't know if they were anywhere else. Also a car was parked where someone obviously went into the building, over the track. Anything else? We don't know.
First leg, Emma had a good start. The track goes along the top of a long narrow veg. area, with a couple of narrow walkways mixed in.Emma is nearing her first corner. She continued on the grass, down and over onto the driveway, indicating loss of scent. When Tascha backed up, Emma came back and picked up the next leg dead on, heading across the roadway.After crossing the road, the track goes up onto brick and turns again onto the grass.
Emma took the turn and moved out well onto the grass and suddenly ran off and back. She then had quite a time on the brick area before finally heading back on the grass and on the track again. All we could figure was someone and/or something had been in this area while we were gone. Above, she's moved on and made a right turn which stays on grass.She just reached her first article, wood. The parked car area was an issue, as she seemed to be "tracking" the person from the car into the building, around the corner. She finally did work this out and headed across the driveway ahead, exactly where she should be!Up onto grass again, right on the track taking her to her second article, a cloth glove.They have just moved off the grass into the parking area. Emma had a little trouble here, again not sure if 'something' was there. She circled from right to left and back again. Breeze had picked up, they were headed into it.She made the turn, and is tracking parallel to the track, about 4' back from it. She then moved up onto grass beside the building and searched for her track. Not finding it, she came back down onto the asphalt at an angle. (This was also at a corner of the building).And the angle took her right to the final article, patch of leather. The grass is directly to the right of Tascha.Very good, Emma! She had a few problems, but worked them out with a bit of help.
We both thought she did well...our first track in "more normal" conditions!!!