Friday, March 23, 2012

Things Happen in Urban!!!

We could see storm clouds moving in over the lake yesterday, and were trying to get two tracks laid and the dogs on before they reached us. Unfortunately, no luck. We manged to complete Emmas' track with just a few sprinkles, but by the time we drove to Blasts' and started, the skies opened. We were sooo soaked! And no pictures. Will detail it after Emmas' two pictures, only.

What I love (or not) about tracking in urban locations. The red line shows the track Tascha laid. It began over behind the plane, on grass, a long first leg to the first corner on asphalt. When we pulled in to park, there were three large work trucks (picture shows just the last one to leave) parked side by side over her track. They had been cleaning up, walking around, driving around and parked. If we had arrived two minutes later, we never would have seen them. So, just one of those lucky situations. If Emma had problems in this area, we'd have a good idea why! You never know what happens when you leave and let the track age.A different view, as Emma and Tascha move along the first leg into the area where the tracks were. Emma did try to turn early, ahead of the corner, and likely was picking up the action from the work crew, and there would be swirling scent from the trucks turning around there. Other than that, she seemed to have no problem working through this area.

Blast and I were barely on the first leg of our track when it suddenly began to pour. I had removed the hood from my jacket a few days earlier, and the rain off my head just poured down into my neck. It was almost hail for a minute, and Blast kind of did a little double-take...but continued on. Rain was gathering and pooling in areas, and he had a little trouble at a couple of corners with the water streaming over the track, taking scent with it. I just let him take his time and he worked it out. So our last three tracks were under totally different conditions...not the best of situations. We went from winter snow/ice/still cold to super hot/summer-like and bare of snow, to bare and pouring rain/cool & breezy. I had also wanted his track in a busy area to work through distractions. Once the rain began, everyone else ran for their vehicles, so there wasn't a soul around! Hopefully, we will get back to more "normal" type conditions the next few times out.