Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Winter to Summer Tracks!

Such a change in a few days, the dogs struggled with the rise in temperature on Sunday. Although we've been hoping for an end to tracking in snow and ice, we are not prepared for instant summer-type temperatures!
Blast was the first to track on Sunday, aging was just under one hour. The temperature climb in this hour was quite dramatic. He is just reaching the scent pad in this photo. Tascha and I both noticed he "had the scent" way before we approached the start and was pulling to it.Moving off the start, he is very clearly on the track.We cross a brick entranceway to the building, with the walkway lined on both sides with bushes. His track continues straight along the front of building, out towards a driveway, where he has a left turn before reaching it.His turn was good, we now head towards the rear of the building and will make another left turn on the veg. surface, shortly finding his first article. Note the piles of snow still remaining.After Blast finds his first article, we continue on to make a right turn into the parking lot. The red line indicates the track and the broken yellow the direction he went. His turn was just before the rear entrance to the building. He overshot the corner and turned onto the hard surface, picking up the scent and turning back towards the track. He will then turn left to join the track which heads out between parked cars.
Our track walks over the 'stop' painted on the asphalt. I'm almost on the corner, while he has turned nicely and is moving along the track really well.Blast indicated a wood article which I've picked up to show Tascha. Funny, I didn't notice him looking back until seeing this picture. It appears that he is also "telling" Tascha he found the article! About this time, he began showing signs of feeling the heat.Heading down the last leg on the hard surface. This was an open turn and we are moving diagonally towards the end on grass and in shade.Nearing the grass, again, look at the dirty old snow piled up in the background...Here we are...HOT...the temperature was around +20C by this time. I really just included this photo, as Blast shows really nice working posture in this picture. He will make a turn on the grass before leading up to the last article.OK, give me those Benny Bullies and let's get back to the van and a good drink.