Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tracks Without Snow!!!

What a change in conditions! Tracks without snow and the temp. jumped to +20C.
We found all three dogs suffered from this change, they were all hot and seemed to struggle with this sudden heat. We went out early, it had been damp and foggy, so were surprised at the extreme change. All three dogs had a drink of water immediately finishing their tracks...something none of them ever do!
Tascha and Emma are on their first leg, will cross the driveway, and continue towards the last tree, make a left turn down into a ditch, up, and across the road into the parking area of the colourful building you see at the back of this picture.After crossing the driveway, there is a shallow ditch with about 3' of water to cross. Emma took a quick look to each side and then decided she better just charge ahead through the water!Down she goes, and keeps on going. I can vouch that it was a steep climb up the other side! There's a wide road to cross after waiting for a clear and safe spot to go.They have made a right turn and move down a long dead grass strip before turning into the parking area. Being a Sunday, it was empty except for one parked truck.Emma made a perfect left turn at her corner before going into the parking lot and works nicely over to the first island.I "painted" on the red line to show where her track goes.
She did very well through this stretch of non-veg. surface. There's another island to conquer before her final article.Good girl, Emma! She was definitely showing signs of some stress just before this, which was very unusual for her. I think the total sudden change from winter to such heat today really knocked the dogs for a loop. If you look back at our last tracks, which were only four days ago, we were working on snow, ice, and water, and we were wearing winter coats.
More to follow, too much to sort through right now, heading to bed!!!