Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tank on Sunday - Track #3

Tanks' track was aged the longest of the three, so he was last to go....black dog, over +20C now and hot. I actually started out with a coat on and was wishing I had a T shirt on now. Tank also had the most hard surface and a couple of tough spots to get through.
Just about at the start, getting ready to switch from collar to harness. In busy areas I always try to look ahead first, in case there's something to be concerned about ie a loose dog.Down the first leg on veg. we have to cross what can be a tricky road. Being Sunday it wasn't busy, but often you can almost get run down with vehicles whipping around the corner from the stoplights. I had Tank beside me before crossing to wait until it was safe. The track goes between the light standard and the snowpile, over behind the thick wood pole (with an article behind) and on a bit before turning left onto the pavement. He crossed the road to the left of the track...remember cars coming around = swirling scent, and worked back to the track.Tons of garbage everywhere, he paid no attention to any of it.I just noticed the free $10. Tim Card - should have read that while I was there!!! Tank indicated his article and I'm giving him a treat. Our turn is just past the metal light, or sign, post.Nice turn onto the pavement, and he's close to his right turn now, it is just beside two sewer grates, which he also ignored. He made another nice turn onto the next leg.We head over a driveway after passing the little rock island, between where two cars were parked when the track was laid and up onto a narrow grass strip. If you look up to the left, there are people in front of the hotel entrance, which we will head up to and turn right in front of it, a little further on in the track.You can't really see it here, but there's a narrow grass strip island in front which we go up on and turn left on it. Behind it is a driveway leading into the hotel, and the cars in front of us are actually out behind this. Tank is doing very nicely considering the conditions, especially, and makes his next turn easily.We've turned off the island and crossed the driveway to find a plastic article near the hotel entrance.Our track goes over the mulch towards the entranceway. Tank is checking to the left and will turn back on the mulch and continue. This was a busy area we had to navigate through people standing around on the other side of the track, which also turned, and a taxi was stopped alongside the track, so we had to squeeze through there. Another car was driving through so it was pretty tricky to safetly get through, let alone take pictures. I think Tascha, our "photographer of the day" thought we were going to be mushed. From the front of the hotel, we were still on hard surface leading over to a hill going down into the fire station.Down the hill, we had a cloth article which we played with a bit as Tank had worked hard to get this far. Then we crossed in front of the big doors of the fire station, along the front and are about to turn left around the corner of the building. After this, it is a short leg to Tanks' final article. He was pooped by the time we reached it. He certainly worked his little heart out on this track, but you could see he was slowing down. Next time, easy tracks for all three, and hopefully the weather will cool back to 'normal' this week.