Monday, March 26, 2012

Blast on Sunday

Tascha laid the track for Blast on Sunday and we planned it in a downtown small park next to a gov't. building. This place is well used with dogs being walked, so I knew that could be an issue. However, same old story, when you're gone, you don't know what happens. His track was aged an hour and ten mins. + when we started.
He is just leaving the scent pad in this picture. Red line painted on shows track heading down to the corner and turning right. He did great on the first leg.After crossing a walkway, things went kind of haywire. He started along the second leg, and then turned back to the side. After this, he turned into a crazy guy. He ran ahead and began racing in circles, same place, over and over. Never, ever saw him react like this in any situation. I was almost dizzy! I called him to me, and stopped him, very seriously telling him to get back on the track. He paused a little and back he went. Absolutely NO idea what happened. All I could wonder was what or who might have been in that area, and doing what?! It was so odd.So here he is, back tracking. He takes the corner nicely and moves to the right.He continued on like nothing ever happened, and crosses another walkway. Shortly after this, is a plastic article to the left. He was about 4' parallel to the actual track Tascha laid. I am rewarding him for the article, and having a good look at him before we continue on. He seems fine...We just crossed another pathway where a lady just about walked right into Blast - was watching him and didn't see her. He looked at her and continued, I was surprised she wouldn't have maybe "thought twice" about barging into a big dog, and a GSD to boot! He will go up this little hill into a parking area and cross it, over and down a big curb and driveway leading to a loading dock.We are just about to climb, or drop over, and he's checking scent to the right. Wind coming diagonally from the front/left.The track turns on a narrow brick walkway heading up into the front entrance of the building. Blast crossed the walkway and checked into the plants before turning back and going up the walkway.The track turns left up in front of the building. It's a really strange set-up here but he followed the track really well.We are moving across to a driveway that circles in front and he is just about at his cloth article.There it is! Showing the "judge"! Blast was anxious to keep going at this article.Moving along, coming to the last corner which circles up around the building.He's just turned past the last pillar you saw in the previous picture, and is turning dead on the track into the bushes - there's actually a clear space he and I can easily go through. It's about 4' and then onto grass.A short jaunt on the grass to the leather square just before the walkway. He's just reaching it now and I'm moving up to him.
We played a bit with the piece of leather but I put a ball on a rope inside my coat and am now trying to retrieve it to play with him. He is being unusually patient with me, he would normally be "helping himself". What a good boy!