Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally!! Trusts' UTDX Frame is Finished!

 David (husband) does a nice job on the frames for the dogs when they get either a TDX or a UTDX Title.  Mind you, it usually takes a year to get them done...Trust earned her Urban Tracking Dog Excellent title in April of last year.  So her frame is now hanging up.  Enclosed is her CKC certificate for the UTDX title, her Rosette from Cross Country Tracking Club, where she earned it, and our presentation photo with judge Marie P. Babin, also president of CCTC.  The copy of her track and her final article, which was leather, signed by Marie, and tracklayer Joseph Weir, below.  There are two pictures of Trust working on the hard surface of the track, and one when we reached the final article and I hold it up for the judge to see.  I love to have these memories framed.  We have them for each dogs' TDX and now for UTDX.  But we have an open house plan, and few walls left to use!  And hoping for more to come one of these days!
Earning the UTDX, was the fourth tracking title, which automatically made Trust a CKC Tracking Champion dog, (she was the 18th in Canada) and my first UTDX.  As this was so special we had a photo studio take pictures, most of which I put on here previously. (In archives, at the right, you can click on 04/24-05/01 (3) and see those.
I just grouped these three framed ones together, the one is her CKC certificate stating she is a Tracking Champion and draped over that is the special medallion presented to us from CCTC.  We were the first club members to receive this honour and it is engraved on the back.
I hope others do something special when they earn a special title, as these are hard earned accomplishments and we should all be proud of our wonderful dogs!