Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last Track for a While - Blast

 This morning was unexpectedly "cold" very early, although right now it's nearing 30!
I decided to take advantage of this, as I don't expect (looking at long range forecast) that we will get out again for over a week.  Although I'm really aiming at UTDX with Blast, I've worked a little toward his TDX as well.  Since I only had to cross the road to work in this field, I decided to do so.  Above I'm standing at the 'start' preparing to lay the track, looking into the field.  You can't see the back end of it from here.  It was cut and baled just days ago, no rain, and very short and extremely dry.
 We are on our third leg and going into some bush.  That is not a road in front, it is just dry, dead grass in the field, as much of it is...I had to move up quickly to get in there!
 Part of an old bale in there, which I didn't know when laying, and had to climb over it.  Blast has already gone through.
 He's such a good boy..he waited on the other side for me before moving into the field.  There is a right turn, past the far round bale.
 Blast is 'at' the turn, and checking left before he goes back and commits to the right turn.  There's still tons of field back behind, that I didn't use. 
 Here we've made another turn heading back toward the front of the field.  It's a lovely field, especially when there is some new green growth, which hopefully will return.  There's an open left turn which will pass before the tiny bale you see to the left and we end up near the front.
 Brown, brown everywhere.  He was hot by this time, and I had stopped at his second article to get some water into him which he always fights.  Have to figure out how to convince him it's "a good thing". Track was aged 2 hr.  Final article is way up in front of the tiny bale near the house.
 There it is!  I bet he was glad it was over, although he was still anxious to play with his tug after finding the glove.
 And, of course, take his tug and get up on one of those big bales so he could look so handsome.
This was just a picture from last nights' last walk down the driveway with Kira.  The totally ball-crazy girl!  We didn't have deer flies last night, nor for Blasts' track.  That was a nice surprise.