Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wildflowers & an 'Alien'

 Extremely fragrant old fashioned wild roses, scattered here and there, are so pretty.
 Weeds!  Never remember the name, but are actually pretty with glossy leaves, growing around edges of trees into forest...do take over in places, but the tiny flowers are very cute and also are very fragrant, especially early morning and evening.
 This is Goatsbeard, that I originally planted (a small plant) but has also spread well.
 Muskmallow reseeds like crazy with the wind.  Here, on the septic tank bed, all the normally green grass is completely dead and brown.  Muskmallow thrives in hot and dry conditions.
Not wild, hanging in a planter on the deck but needs daily watering.  Weirdest plants I've ever had (Passionflower); saved this one over winter and have another new one on other side of deck, which is more purplish. Flowers last barely over one day and are multi-levels, really quite amazing.