Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dogs Loving the Snowy Walks!

 A 'reflective' moment for Tank??  I wonder what Santa will bring?
 Trust is showing her 'wolf' appearance, coming out of the trees.
 Side by side, good friends, Blast absolutely must have a ball in his mouth!
Both Tracking Champions now, I think both would be happy just to forever go on our walks and runs through the trails.
 Ah, another reflective moment for Tank...hopefully he is making plans to earn his TCh in the coming year???!  More likely just wondering what's wrong with just having fun forever!!!
And speaking of "fun forever"...Kira is dive bombing on a ball buried under the snow.  Little does she know, she will be starting her "tracking career" this coming spring.  But next spring is now a very long way off...enjoying the snow is her only real 'job' right now.  And it keeps building up, so it looks like a long and snowy winter for us.