Monday, December 10, 2012

Heading Home Up the Highway...

 Attending my tracking clubs' Christmas Party and AGM this weekend.
Look at the truck baring down on us in my rearview mirror.  We were driving in only one open lane, and soooo slow, I just held up my camera now and again without even focusing, and taking some shots.  A horrid drive in a long stretch on Hwy.#11.  I just thought this was a funny photo showing the transport truck.  There were so many on the highway.
 This was in a 100 zone highway, double lanes, and we were moving along mainly at 70 in only one lane.  At times, it was down to 50.  The radio said up to 2 cm snow....they should look out their windows!
 Believe it or not, there is a car that drove up the snowy lane and was just passing the trailer up in front of me.  I had backed off a little, expecting 'maybe' the worst...He did get by but what was the point?!
Further on, two snowplows came on the highway, clearing both lanes, but it was still bad driving.  This is a very long line of traffic following the plows.  We were driving between 40 and 60 here, and this went on for miles and miles and miles.  Safe...but slow.  I was very happy to have attended the party and see many people I haven't seen in a long time, and an overnight visit while there.  Blast was presented with 3 club pins by the Cross Country Tracking Club, for the three titles he earned this year (TDX, UTD, UTDX) and also a beautiful engraved medallion for earning his Tracking Champion title.

I am very proud of this boy.