Monday, December 10, 2012

The Next Morning...

My tire marks going in the driveway the night before.  There was approximately 8" of snowfall, after being completely bare when I left for the CCTC party the day before.  And still the weather said only 2 cm.
 It was a pretty walk with the dogs, of course, in the morning.  But just don't want the snow to keep coming and staying.  And more came again last night...David spent 4 hr. blowing snow yesterday...not exactly fun.
 And the birds were hungry.  The pretty pine grosbeaks came back, and we had to put out feed 3x yesterday for all the birds we have now.
 Walking in the paths in the front west field.  The dogs just love it.
Blast, with his face covered in snow, in trying to suck up to Trust while Tank pretends not to notice.  He and Blast had just come back onto the path after a frantic chase through the weeds.  About two hours later, the wind and snow started to blow in again, and we had a freezing rain warning all night.  Luckily, we didn't get much here, but just MORE snow!