Friday, July 30, 2010

Emma at the Reserves

Thursday, Tacha and Emma were working at the Army Reserves! I laid the track and put some tiny cheese pieces that Tascha gave me on the hard begin with. But some gulls spotted me, swooped in and stole them, so I was glad I took extra articles to use instead. The idea of the food and/or articles for Emma was to 'assist' her along on the hard surface.
Tascha and Emma are on the second leg of the track, veg. surface, but terrible scruffy ground covering, almost 'another' hard surface.
Emma is going down a little hill (I guess a BIG hill for her!) to the first hard surface.

She dives over to her second article, a very small plastic tube with a treat inside. At least the gulls didn't steal that!
This is near the end of the longest paved surface, which had two corners - a lot of work for Emma, we were 'pushing' a bit here to see how she handled it and she did great. She has just found a sock, which is her fourth article. She loves articles, so they are a reward for her.
This track was aged over an hour, windy/warming, about 1/2 veg. & 1/2 paved.