Friday, July 30, 2010

Trusts' Track - another oddity...

Trusts' track on Thursday was the first laid (by Tascha) and the third done, about 3 1/2 hr. aged.
If you saw the previous entry - one picture - you'll know 'something' is up with this track. I didn't paint on my path in these pictures, as I normally do, as Trust was "so on" this track, and it's pretty clear where we are going.
Our start was in nice, green damp grass. There is a built-in sprinkler system here, and you never know when it is coming on...
Probably a picture you wouldn't always see. Yes, dogs are allowed to do this when tracking, and are not disqualified in a trial. With Trust, it is "marking". I always know when she is dead-on the track, as she marks. Just one of her quirky habits.
A nice first leg, usually a busy wide road on the left, which we will eventually cross.
Trust is making a right turn towards the paved parking area. I'm about to follow her.
She heads out straight across and towards a little grassy berm.
We have gone up on the grass and made a left turn.
We are now actually on the 3rd little 'island' of grass and she has another left turn coming up before the entrance driveway. You can see the road we will be crossing. We had to wait a while at the curb for a clear and safe space to cross the road.
After crossing the road, the track goes down into a ditch, which was a little tricky, and she helped pull me up out of it.
Trust has found her first article, wood, and is happily waiting for her treat. I always reward at articles with a treat along with praise, of course!
After the article, there was a quick right turn bringing us to a driveway crossing and over on to a brown grass area which went totally across the front of the building.
We are nearing half way across, the entrance to the building is coming up.
Almost at the end, and just before another driveway, we turn left, heading through and under some trees towards the large back parking lot.
Just before reaching it, there is a sock article. I'm fishing around in my pocket for her treat.
I have to watch carefully for cars here, there are many rows of parking and lots of cars moving in and out. We head out past the third double row of parked vehicles before making a left turn, the MOT corner.
Trust is working very nicely through the parking lot; we are headed towards the "port-a-room" on the far side. Just before reaching it, there is a curve to the left. Ending her track near the entrance (steps) to this building didn't make much sense, as we had no idea how much it might be "used" and be an unnecessary difficult obstacle. The final article then, was placed on the grass behind the portable room.
She searched and searched in circles back here, and I knew it should be here. I was looking all over as well. Tascha was behind taking pictures. She just took this shot when Trust raised her head, still scenting, and looked at the article. "What's it doing there?"
I didn't "clue in" until she went over and touched it. This was so funny. She couldn't quite reach and get a hold on it.
I was pointing it out to Tascha and Trust tried to pull it.

She decided to move over to the other side to try and get it. It was actually very solidly placed on a handle, so she couldn't pull it off, and I got it for her. Someone obviously saw it on the grass, assumed it was a 'good' leather glove, and kindly stuck it up there for the person who may be looking for it. Poor Trust and what a good girl! She really astounds me when strange things like this happen; Tascha and I had a good laugh and Trust got lots of attention, praise and treats. We had a great day!