Sunday, July 25, 2010

Track No. 3 today - Tank 'brushes up'

What a glorious morning it was today....still no rain, but a good dew at least. It didn't last long, though, when I arrived at these fields (on a high and open area) it was very windy. To appreciate this picture and the view it offers, you really need to double click to enlarge it. This was the field for most of Emmas' track.
Tank has been the "low man on the tracking training totem pole" for a while. Poor guy just loves to track and he had been doing urban this past year after his TDX. I want to get him back into urban, but wanted him to go out today and just have fun. This first field was actually much like an urban veg. area. It was just cut and was so very short, stubbly and dry. And naturally, he did way better than I expected. This is the first leg of his track.
On the second leg, a long one, working nicely on the track with lots of wind.
His first article, a tiny piece of leather. He's indicated with a down and I'm fishing around for a treat in my pocket. Good boy, Tank!
Third leg, head up, air scenting, but moving quickly along this leg. This is heading to the area we saw the bear recently.
We are parallelling the road here, although you can't see it. Ditches on both sides with very high weeds growing up. Tank is really working nicely along here, leg 4. He is close to a wood article and then a right turn through the ditch, and across the road into an alfalfa field.
And down we go. Tank had to help pull me up out of the ditch, it was quite steep...luckily he likes to pull!
We're a fair ways into the alfalfa field and Tank has found a sock. We are playing pull a little with it...he loves socks! We have 3 more legs to go to the final article.
The end. He's got his glove and I'm removing his harness so we can chase the glove. He enjoyed doing this track so much. We will get back to real urban work this week, hopefully with some cooler and/or wet weather to pick up where we left off.