Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Beautiful Day!!!

Thick Hoarfrost coated everything early this was just so beautiful. I just wish the pictures would do it justice, they just don't show the diamond glint like you see in real life. It is really spectacular and not seen very often...although this is the second time this winter now.
I took these pictures around 8 a.m. while out walking with the dogs.
These pictures were to the north and the west while we walked down the driveway.
Hoarfrost is like a thick crumbly, sparkly coating on all tree branches, weeds, everything...just lovely.
And the sunrise! Gorgeous! At this time the temp. here was about -14C, no wind, hoarfrost has just formed earlier.

I'm hoping this will be one of those 'special' winters where we have some amazing sunrises. The last two winters have not been very spectacular, just need the right conditions.