Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Content Change?????

Just thinking that recently the Tracking Content has changed to "Our Daily Walks"! But thank goodness we can do this, and we are soooo enjoying them.
This is a view from our front field into the neighbouring property on the east side. There is an old abandoned log barn that I absolutely love, and wish it was on "our side". It is just so picturesque, and reminds me so much of our original place up here which was an old log house and barn.
I zoomed in to show the logs. The old house remains on the property also, and is in pretty good condition. The wolf is watching.....(Trust!).
Tank is just daring Trust to come up on top; although I'm not sure why, he'd just want to play. They seem to be giving each other the "evil eye"..
Trust sits atop a rock looking like the princess she is, while Tank just worships her.
What a pair these two are. It was love at first sight when Tank came home at 8 weeks. Other than appearance, they are two peas in a pod.
And when Blast gets involved, the devil in Tank comes out. Trust has become pretty frisky in the past few months for an 'older' girl. She would never play before, now she tries to take over the situation
Blast doesn't care, as long as he has someone to play with him and not quit, he will go to any lengths to keep Tank interested. When Tank sometimes does have enough and heads towards the house, Blast cuts him off and won't let him pass without further wrestling. A pair of another sort!!!