Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Few "Earlybirds" Today

There were two grouse out feeding early this morning under two feeders, before I even got out. They do a lot of scratching, and I know there is always some food left on the ground from the day before.
Hmmmmm, we don't exactly look hungry now, do we???!!!
I love these little red breasted nuthatches. They are so cute, and so quick, I hardly ever get pics. of them. I love their chattering also, you always know when one is nearby.
And the fact that they can run upside-down, down the tree trunks. How the heck do they do it?!
There are now five gorgeous male pine grosbeaks, and three female ones - one is the dull coloured one at the back. These are under a feeder on the outside of our fenced-in area, and allow me to get very close. Trust is my partner in feeding the birds and they only fly off when they feel she has come too the woodpeckers, they are very "tame".