Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Amazing hoarfrost pics.

This pictures is from our front west field looking over the road and behind the neighbours' property across the road into the hills. Again, the pictures does not do justice, it was lovely.
For miles this morning, the land here was covered in this thick hoarfrost. And I've never seen it last for so long. I was coming home from town, and stopped on the main road to the west of us to look over to our property. Our place is all the treed area, behind this front field. I've rarely seen it so very pretty.
I zoomed in a bit to try and show the beauty more, and to show the hill way back out behind - look on the right side of the picture. That hill is approx. 3 miles back from where I'm standing, taking this photo. The hill is out behind our original homestead from years ago. This was just after 11 a.m., and as I said, I've never, ever seen it last so long. Just so beautiful.