Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday-Elle on a walk/search

Walked down the driveway in the afternoon - some light and fluffy fresh snow falling. I tossed a couple of items out behind us when Elle was paying attention to something off in front or the side. The plan was for her to "discover" them on the way back.
This was the first item - a blue plastic yogourt lid. She almost went past, and did a double-take, burying her nose into the snow.
After a lot of scratching, she turned it up. Wow! Look at this!!
After she fully uncovered it, she put both paws on it momentarily and claimed it as "hers"

She was running ahead up the driveway with the plastic lid, when, can you believe it??!! A piece of leather was at the side of the driveway. Out goes the plastic lid while the leather is inspected.
She actually preferred the plastic item, to my surprise.
And up by the house, holy whatever....another piece of leather. Let's run and jump up here before the nasty lady gets this one too!!!
Elle is very possessive right now, and not too keen on returning items.