Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birds on the Move???

Quite a change in weather for us the last couple of days...has given us hope to get out regularly again to track. Yay! A lot of birds are already "on the move" here. We had a huge flock of robins come in, and spend two days eating berries, before taking off with our 'resident' robins. So many warblers this year, their musical voices have been lovely to hear. But they also seem to be gradually leaving us...mid-August?!
The house is barely visible from the front fields now, and the weeds are nearly five feet in parts of the field. As much as I miss having our hayfields, the goldenrod and other veg. certainly provides food and safety for the birds that are migrating, and is often full of butterflies.This little cutie hit a deckside window this morning and was stunned but unharmed.
She is a black and white warbler, and the second this week on the deck. Contacting our expert local bird person, he said they are not uncommon here, but are "deep woods" birds and surprised they were in the open and on the deck. After a rest in our "bird box" she was fine and ready to take off again. She happily and quickly flew out of the box when I lifted the lid, and took off into the forest.