Monday, August 8, 2011

Walks with Little Search Work

Almost didn't get finished the 3 walks before dark tonight. Lovely at this time, though, you can feel the coolness coming up from the ground in the pathways, then groundfog begins to form. Tank and Trust on first walk, nothing eventful happened, so took Kira on second walk....
Before we went, I grabbed a metal tracking article, never had her search for metal before, and thought we'd "visit" the rockpile on the way back. I had carried it in my pocket on the walk, and just tossed it up into the centre when we walked by. She actually heard it 'hit' and so I told her to find and up she went. In this picture, above, she's just scenting into the 'hole'.She backed up, and walked around the edge to the other side.She scented it and then ducked in for it.I really wondered if she would pick it up, it was a flat electrical metal plate, and she did. Such a good girl. Above she is carefully picking her way down the rocks.Near the bottom, she dropped it and it fell between rocks, so she then had to dig it out. After lots of praise at the bottom, I picked up a rock and tossed it into the top. I haven't done this in some time. Up she went!She didn't find it immediately, but searched and there it is! She's just about to pick it up.I let her carry it a bit, and then diverted her attention. I really don't like her to 'play' with rocks. Had to rush back with her to get Blast, it was getting darker.By the time we began our walk, the sun was setting. On the way out, I remembered the metal article was still in my pocket, so I dropped it in the driveway. Nearing the end of Blasts' walk, we came out of the last path through the field, and turned up towards the house on the driveway. I "suggested" ha.ha. to Blast that he "find" and he perked up and went on ahead straight to the metal article. Good dog!