Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Favorite pics. today Working Dogs!

Tascha and Emma, and Tank, Blast, and I went out today in superb conditions to track. There are so many pictures that I won't get to them until tomorrow. However, I decided to put just these four on for now, three being Kira who also came with us, and we had a really good and worthwhile time with her. My most favorite picture of the day is the last one on here!
Kira on the short ladder in Home Depot. We had a good time in there, checking out "everything" in the store.Kira can be very sweet when she wants to be. This young lady showed an interest in her, so went over to say hello and shake hands.An unexpected bonus when we arrived at Home Depot, a shoolbus was just picking up a load of small kids from the "Y" program and about to leave. I quickly walked up and spoke to the driver and the lady in charge, and they welcomed us into the bus. I quickly gave the kids a lesson in letting ANY dog sniff their closed fist and not reaching over their head to pat them (note the little girls' fist outstretched). These kids were wonderful in listening and doing what I suggested, obviously the 'right age'! A few even got kisses from Kira, she is very cool and calm with kids.
My favorite picture, another unplanned 'adventure'...poor Tascha and Emma, I couldn't help but laugh! When I made the first turn and began walking through this area, all of a sudden, I saw the sprinkler....the water was just about to reach me. I stopped, decided I had to continue as planned here, so timed it so I could quickly walk through without getting "rained on". I didn't warn Tascha! So it was a surprise and Emma wasn't too keen at first so when they started through, the sprinkler was just coming back this way and they got it full blast walking through. If you can't see it in this picture, double click for enlargement. Too funny! You can't plan things like this, ha.ha.ha.